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Southshore Tb 5/13

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Headed out for the first trip of the year "been busy with the new job".  Wasn't expecting too much as I wasn't even sure where to make bait, but the pressure was on as my 11-year old had been eagerly awaiting this trip and I didn't want to let him down.  After launching from Macdill, I stopped by a marker to see if I could net some baits in the deeper water.  I am not a great net thrower and I end up throwing 6 bananas to every 3/4 pancake.  I was not having much luck trying to get my small mesh net down but was picking up a few baits here and there.  Another boat pulled up and he was throwing a larger net and whacking the baits.  It's never happened to me before, but I was almost embarrassed when he called me over and handed me his net full of baits.  Such a nice gesture and I was very humbled and appreciative that someone took the time to do that for me.  After a hearty thank you and a handshake we were off.  I started working the deeper flats 3-5 foot right where the grass started patching up to get the boy on some fish before he lost interest.  We ended up catching dinner there with trout ranging from 16-19 inches.  A few schools of little jacks prowling through kept it fun.  After the bite slowed down I decided to move in closer to the cuts/mangroves to hopefully find a red or two.  I didn't expect there to be much of a bit with the tide being almost slack.  After working some very shallow inlets, we found the snook to be stacked up on the backside of the passes and it was one after another on free lined bait.  For a bonus catch my son caught his first bonnet head and any of you with kids know how much fun kids have catching sharks.  At any rate, on the way home I thanked the man upstairs for such a great day with my son.  Despite catching fish with my son the thing I will remember about this trip the most is the generosity of a guy in a boat surely wanting to get fishing himself, stopping and helping a random guy out. 










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Welcome to TOF - great first post! Such an awesome story too, from the generosity of the guy that hooked you up with bait to you thanking Him above. Thanks for sharing!

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