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Mirrolure Suspended Twitchbaits: My New Favorite Lure!

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HI all,


Don't get on her e much bit...the other day, I was wade-fishing my usual area on Lemon Bay. I was using my usual DOA Shad Tail in Pearl. those flippin' pinfish and little snappers kept chewing off the tail! I musta gone through 1/2 dozen in about 20 minutes. So...what do I have in my 'caddy that I can work a bit like I do my jigs, but won't get bitten off???


I had a Mirrolure Catch 22 Jr in the Green Back/White Belly. Had never really used it. Once or twice maybe, but not for more than 10 minutes. So..I put it on.


WOW! In no time, once I figured out how to twitch it (not sure if it's the right way, but I use the same motion as my 'spooks, ie walk-the-dog, style. I got 5 trout in about 30 minutes! Hmm...maybe I'm onto something here!


This morning I went back to the same area. Nothing for the 1st hour or so. Then...BAM! a 22"-er! then 9 more, all over 15".


I think I found my new favorite lure!

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