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Hunting For The Best Whole Hog Country Sausage Ever

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Guys, I have been working on this article for a long time. You may have already seen parts of it. Regardless, check out the Woods 'n Water version. Learn the 'Tricks of the Trade!'
American by birth and Southern by the grace of God.
For well over half a century I have had the honor of witnessing first hand the many wonders this tropical paradise we call Florida has to offer the sportsmen/women of this great state.
Like to fish? There is a good reason why Florida is well known as the 'Fishing Capital of the World.' More often than not it's easy to say, 'We tore 'um up!'
Many who fish also like to hunt. With more than 5 million acres, Florida has the largest wildlife management area (WMA) in the country. Game is plentiful! Like to deer and turkey hunt? Per Mr. Stacy White, Hillsborough County Commissioner, the Sunshine state boast a white tail population of 700,000, and 200,000 hard to hunt Osceola & Eastern wild turkey. The hunting season last for months. And, for those who want more, on private land, there is NO season on the hard to hunt, hard to bring down, Florida wild boar. The Florida wild boar...the 'nose with an attitude,' all bad, can legally be hunted 24/7 twelve months out of the year. Take good aim; wild boars can be hard to bring down, and, guess what? They tend to get down right nasty when wounded. I use a 45/70. I have been chased too many times.
Hornady 325 gr. LEVERevolution put a sudden end to the 'chases!' And, when we go 'Hunting for the best whole hog country sausage EVER,' the Florida hunter is in for the treat of a life time. Think this is really something to see? Thanks to Perry's own Two Guys and A Hog Outfitters, it is!
And best part is still to come.
Think store bought sausage is really good? It's not even in the same league with Florida's own wild hog country sausage.
Want to learn the 'Tricks of the Trade?' Check out 'Hunting for the best whole hog country sausage EVER, on pages 45 & 46 of the June issue of Florida's own Woods 'n Water Magazine.
Bob Harbison  Florida Outdoor Writers Association


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