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Am I On The Right Track

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Hello everyone,


I am heading out this weekend and i am trying to catch a cobia. With the upcoming new moon and tides I was planning on anchoring up on one of the bridges with an assortment of pinfish, crabs, whitebait, cut ladyfish, squid and whatever else we can get our hands on. The plan is to fish the saturday afternoon/evening tide with baits on the bottom and freelined. Have had some success in the past and was wondering if the cobia are even around the bridges yet.


Thanks in advance for any input.



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I have never targeted them , but I will tell you a spot a Captain told me about , but never tries.


Howard Franklin bridge. from the east side anchor between the 2 to 4th pylon. Claims he has caught a lot there on numerous trips.


If you try it please post feedback. I would like to target them , but will be trying grouper this week end :)

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