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6/1/16 Sjs Slam With Nice Snook

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I fished SJS with my friend Tom yesterday(Wednesday) afternoon.


It was a beautiful day on the water with just enough wind to not feel roasted but still relatively smooth waters.


We tried a couple spots with nothing happening but ladyfish and catfish.


Then decided to pull up some bait fish and go target snook. We got 5 or 6 big grunts and a few bigger pinfish and 1 perfect sized ladyfish and went to find the snook.


I tried the 12" ladyfish 1st but it didn't stay alive very long on the hook. Went with a 7" grunt and after about 5 minutes it gets slammed. My drag was only like 3 clicks from being locked down and this fish is screaming line out - so I knew almost immediately that to get this fish in on 25 lb leader was going to have to be a finesse job.


It was quite the fight and a bit touch and go a couple times as she tried twice to power me to structure - but I managed to get her turned both times. Then another tense moment as she headed out and away towards open water and got very close to a crab pot line. I somehow managed to keep her from wrapping around that and eventually got her to the boat with leader fairly well in tact. I was lucky she didn't try to jump or tail walk or she probably could have sliced me off if she had a couple shots at it.


So obviously I was thrilled to pull in this beauty. 37" snook. I'm going to guess about 16-17 lbs.





We stayed in that area for awhile but no more hits so headed to another spot. I caught a snooklet and an 8" trout there.


Tried another spot and I hooked up with a pretty good redfish on a dead shrimp that I had thrown out and got a 2nd good fight for the day. Surprising strength from what turned out to be a 25" redfish.




Doing the math in my head, thought a 70" slam is not bad - but an 80" slam would be way better - so spent the remainder of our time trying to "upgrade".


I caught 5 or 6 more trout on a rootbeer Zman jerk bait - but all were small - the largest being 13".


So I wound up with a pretty respectable 75" inshore slam and was happy with the quality of targeted fish I caught although the quantity was lacking and unfortunately Tom didn't catch much.


We enjoyed our beautiful day out very much. My 1st trip in too long.



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Barry - the trout were caught on a Zman split tail bait (rootbeer w/ gold specs) on a 1/8 oz red mission fishing jig head.


Snook and red were caught on 2/0 Owner J hook > 25lb Ohero leader > 20 lb Samurai braided line > Shimano Spheros 4000 > Calico Jack Medium rod


I would normally go with 30 lb leader when targeting snook with a big bait like that - but I was out of 30 lb and 40 is too visible in clearish waters IMO for these big smart and wary snook - so I rolled with the 25 and was fortunate that the big hook-up didn't end in heartbreak.

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