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Panama City Beach, Fl

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On 5/31



I had a day off and the Gulf of Mexico was flat with a slight sea breeze from the south.Launched the Hobie and off I went. All the way marking thousands perhaps millions of Cigar Minnows on my Lowrance about 25' plus in depth. This was going to be easy, live bait every where Sabiki rig...easy! NOT..I tried two different colors and styles and no luck with catching live bait. So I trolled with a Rapala Floating Magnum 7" Cigar color lure. The day before I had something break off my lure with 85lb braid my stupid self did not use a wire leader you cant fix stupid. So now I am ready wire leader, bait all around me for miles, birds are working life is good. I fish for about 3 hours not one bite,nothing. The bait all around is killing me if I had a dip net that would have been an easy catch. Now I am mad threw my Sabiki rig out in the middle of a huge school of bait and I finally snagged one, just one cigar minnow in the tail. Now I will troll back with my Spanish Mackerel rig that I made the evening before.Tied on the rig, put my one live cigar minnow on and throw it out. As I am preparing for my travel towards home my drag starts singing and faster and faster it went. The drag finally stopped now I'm reeling and feel no resistances...now the thoughts are running through my head I lost what ever I had... then drag starts ripping again. I finally get to real some and feel a little resistance then the water show started! The sail fish in the picture around 5' +/- started its tail dance for about 10'. My first though was no one is going to believe this,my wife is usually my fishing partner and she is at work. I fought the fish for about 30 minutes he pulled me from 25' to 49.2 feet as you can see picture on the Lowrance unit (made half a mile). It is a once in a life time fish and from a kayak...priceless!






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