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Just Missed The Slam!

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I was one snooklet shy of my slam this morning; the little feller just wasn't big enough to eat my bait. Headed out to FDP gulf pier around 6:00 am to get some bait; well, so did about 50 other people and many were in boats. Bait was deep but after a while we managed to get about 4-6 dozen and headed over to some flats that we've had success on before. First bait, first cast was a small trout; I like the way this was starting. We managed a few shorts and then my buddy brings in a solid trout that went on the stringer. Not to be outdone, I toss a bait out and immediately feel it getting nervous before it got pounded by what turned out to be a 19" fatty! Brought in several more fish including a beastly fish that came to the surface to inhale my bait and measured out over 21". He was nearly as big as the red we would get later! Played around in the mangroves to try and find a snook and after a near perfect cast into the thick of it, my big bait got slammed hard by a snook that was barely bigger than him and left a big gash near his pectoral fin. As the tide slowed so did the bite until we found a little hole that was holding some redfish. The tide was pretty much dead but no one told the reds! Of course as luck would have it, as the bite for the redfish finally heated up, we ran out of bait! A couple fat 18 inchers that we let go to grow and a 24" slob that my buddy caught ended the day for us right at noon. Love wade fishing in Tampa bay this time of year!


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