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Business Idea (Christian Brothers Tackle Box)

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Hey everyone, Cyrus here.

Hope all of you have been well, I've been back in Florida for some time now I have been tearing up some fish on kayaks, and some friends boats. So I have really been thinking about small business ideas and I know there are currently some  tackle box monthly subscriptions out there but I have been thinking about doing a twist off some of those and creating my own.


Christian Brothers Tackle Box will be a primarily Inshore Salt Water fishing box that will be shipped out once a month.


What it will come with : Monthly Devotional (Hence the Christian Brothers ) , a new Testimony every month and a fishing magazine.


Now the main reason I posted this on here was to get some local feed back on what you would like to see in the tackle box, gear related? Buffs, Hats, Softbaits, lures, hooks, line, etc etc... please give me some solid feedback due to the fact im starting this in the next few months.


If anyone has any ideas or input please let me know as im still in the planning stages of all of this, just looking for some solid feedback. Name is trademarked and ready to go!

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What a great idea Cyrus! I personally have never signed up for one but I have always wanted too. I have only really seen the "lure" style ones that send you baits and lures. Apparel like Buffs, Shirts and Hats would be really cool I think. Let us know how it goes! Good luck! 

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