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Thoughts On Boat Purchase?

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I was going to build another boat, but having a new baby in the house is making me think about putting that project aside for now. So instead I am looking at used boats, I haven't found many I like, at least in my price range, or my size limit of around 17ft. 


After much consideration I have narrowed it down and I may be looking at a Aquasport in the next few days. I'm not sure about the price, but the boat seems to be in good condition for it's age. 

Honestly I've been trying to find comparable boats and either they are total projects, or cherries that cost to much. The one I found is a 1988 175 striper, with a 88hp o/b in good running condition. Owner says it was used in sebring most of it's life, is solid all around, and the only issues are the nav lights and livewell can use rewiring, plus the bimini could use some help. They are asking $4700 and I'm not sure if it's a deal or not. He is willing to let me wet test it, thoughts?

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Here's a decent comparable that was for sale in 2013 for roughly the same price




Here's a 1995 AS175 w/ a Yamaha 115 for $9k




Here's a '98 16' striper w/ Merc 60 for $7k




I'm not sure if those will help you determine the value of the boat you look at - but they can't hurt. Obviously the condition of the engine will play a big part in an older boat's value (as well as the trailer). Hopefully if you don't feel qualified yourself, you know or know of someone who works on boats that you could pay a reasonable fee to have them take a close look at the boat and run a compression test, etc for you once you find a boat you are serious about buying.


Good Luck and happy hunting.

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Thanks Pickgrin, I gotta tell you determining the value of this boat has been way more of a challenge then I would have ever thought. Newer boats are so much easier to gauge, older boats might be built better and hold value, but so many variables change over the years.


As far as qualified to check out a boat, I think I can manage (check the link pinned at the top of this section for my current skiff). Even so I'm a little worried about the things I can't see without some major exploration, like the fuel tank.

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