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Florida Fish & Boar

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:)    We who call Florida home are so proud of our state. 

The Sunshine State is now the third most populous, and the eighth most densely populated, state in the entire United States, and for good reason. Our beaches are second to none:
For the sportsmen/women Florida offers some of the best fishing and hunting this country has to offer. There is a reason why Florida is known as the Fishing Capital of the World. With over 914,000 registered boats Florida leads the nation in boat ownership. In addition, Florida has a huge fleet of head boats. Hubbard's Marina has been operating head boats for decades. Check out the wahoo, grouper, and even sail fishing caught on the extended multi-day adventures on board the Florida Fisherman ll. Join the action in the video 'Florida Fish & Boar' at the end of this report. 
As we enter our Fall & Winter seasons many outdoor enthusiasts begin to think about what the woods and forest of our great state have to offer. The hunting opportunities are endless. For those who prefer wildlife management areas our FWC controls over 5.8 million acres. One of the best, Aucilla, is located West of Perry, Florida:
Aucilla offers very good squirrel, deer, and hog hunting.
For those who want to take their hunting experiences to the next level, private clubs, such as Madison County's Buck & Boar, have a great deal to offer. Just to the North of Perry, B&B's thousands of acres has been run by the Todd family for decades. Different from management areas these clubs offer less pressure, more game, and the opportunity to set up, maintain, and hunt private electric corn feeders. I personally hunted Aucilla for ten years, and Buck & Boar for twenty one years. I love to hog hunt. Aucilla has a good population of wild hogs, but nothing compared to Buck & Boar. For many years this was one of my most productive stand sights at B&B. I did my homework:
For those who do not have the time or energy to 'do their homework' Florida as many outstanding outfitters. These outfitters do the homework for us, and we have all the fun. Let's check into Perry, Florida's Two Guys & A Hog. 
Talk about comfort:
Jeff, 1:32 minutes into the video, tells us what to expect:
First up let's hunt the 1,000 acre no fence area. We will be hunting sundown as well as much of Wednesday night. Yes! Night. In Florida, on private land, we can legally hunt hogs 24/7 twelve months out of the year:
Although tracks were all over the place, only turkey were seen. Bet turkey season is going to be a good one. 
OK! Let's try the high fence area. Problem is, these hogs do not know they are fenced; they are wild. Jeff puts out plenty of corn:
Finally! Here they come. The hogs here, just as B&B, approach the feeder with great caution. Is it safe?  Gosh! that corn is really tempting:
OK!  Let's go for it:
Let's record the action:
Oh no! They catch my sent and start to run. Time to unleash that powerful 325 gr 45-70 Hornady LEVERevolution. Jeff is so proud of my 155 pound boar:
So am I:
Ever wonder 'why we like hog hunting so much?' Simple! 
We who call Florida home are so proud of the Woods'nWater of our great state. So much to see & do. We love to showcase this tropical wonderland; this land of endless Sunshine.
 Check out the 'Florida Fish And Boar' video:
Bob Harbison  Florida Outdoor Writers Association

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