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Weeden Island

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Was just on Google Earth looking at Weeden Island since I've heard so much about how good of an area it is especially for kayyakers. I've never fished it before and was wondering where anyone would recommend as a starting point to; 1st launch from; then which areas typically hold fish. I live in Pasco County and fish primarily from a kayak. It looks like past the park or at the end of the park there is a yak launch site. Is that typically where most people would launch from? I am mostly a catch and release purist and fish mostly w artificial baits. Also understand, I am not asking for any specific spots( as I will find fish for sure, just hard to tell from Google Earth where those kayak trails lead and if they are worth going through to find fish or areas, distances from launch site to what appears to be a bunch of mangrove areas, is the best plan of attack to go south after launching and hug the mangrove line? I know many people get really upset when people divulge too much information so I understand people being tightlipped about locations and whatnot, but i have been on this forum for many years and have had many post about my experiences, would love someone to pm if they have 1st hand knowledge of the area as i don't want to drive an hour from Pasco without at least having some basic knowledge.


Bill Cap

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Bill, there are two separate areas at Weedon.  The inside, which is reached by launching at the yak/canoe ramp at the end of Weedon Drive, and the outside, which is reached by launching from Gandy Beach. 


Both areas can be very productive.  The outside probably gets more crowded as much of the inside is a NMZ. 


Personally, if it were my first time there, I would launch at the ramp and just explore the whole area.  That way, if, for some reason, you don't like it, you don't have far to paddle. 


As always, just my 3 cents worth.  Tight lines!


BTW, I caught my PB snook (38") on the inside, not too far from the ramp.

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Weedon is "popular" (crowded and often talked about) for a reason. Its a beautiful area that holds a lot of fish most times of the year.


To me, the downside is that it IS so "popular". I'm not big on fishing areas where there are multiple boats around chumming and fishing and stirring everything up and putting most fish on a constant state of high alert. Its usually like that especially on the weekends at certain areas of Weedon.


And yet - you can still go there and thoroughly enjoy yourself and feel a long ways away from the million people that surround you in Pinellas Co. by paddling your way into areas back in the mangroves and between all the islands where it will likely be less crowded.


My advice for your 1st trip would be go on a weekday (like Tues, Wed, Thur) - launch from the Gandy on an incoming tide and just work your way south from the power plant - exploring and fishing back in between the islands around high tide as you keep working south towards Christmas pass and then back. Fish the potholes on the slightly deeper flats if the tide is closer to low than high.


Good Luck and I hope its not too "popular" the day you decide to make the trip. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy the experience though whatever day you go.


For a 2nd excursion - maybe once the weather and water has cooled, try launching from the "inside" that Barry mentioned at the official kayak launch site and there's even more to explore with all the deep inlets on the south end of Weedon.

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