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Any Information Please!

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Calling all and any help with advice or information from my fellow fishermen,


I have not posted any fishing reports in a while and am in a very distraught state posting one today. Sometime yesterday, while my wife was home and my garage door left open for apparently a few hours with the car in the garage, someone came in and stole over $4000 worth of rods, reels and spear guns. I am asking for any and all on this forum to keep their ear to the wall for any information, possible leads or advice on how to deal with the insurance claim I will be filing.


Overall, 11 rods and reels were taken along with 5 spearguns. I will give an itemized list of the gear, so if anyone comes across or hears of any extremely “good deals” on some high quality gear, please get back with me.


Stadic 5000 reel w 8ft Terramar Rod

Quantum Smoke pts40 reel w custom made 7ft6” black w blue trim Sick Rod

Stradic 3000 ci4+ reel w custom made 7’6” black w red trim Sick Rod

Sustain 3000 reel w custom made 7’9” black w silver/white trim Sick Rod

(all Sick Rods have inshore slayer lettering on them)

Stradic 4000 reel w 7’6” Redbone rod

Stradic 2500 reel w 7’ Daiwa Team X (rod is all silver)

3 Sahara reels, a 2500, 3000 and a 4000 paired w Calico Jack rods

1 Quantum Accurist Baitcaster w Falcon Rod

1 Daiwa Coastal Baitcaster w Falcon Rod


3 AB Biller Guns a 36, 42 and 48

Seahornet smaller gun, probably a 36 or 24

JLB (don’t have all the full specs on that one right now)


Needless to say, it is very discouraging to think of all that was lost and yet, even more disturbing to think about what kind of desperate, brazen person would do such a thing. I have never filled out an insurance claim and am a bit worried about the process; especially since I don’t have receipts for much of the equipment. I do have boxes for many of the reels and online ordering receipts for a few things but not much for the guns. I do have friends that can verify the gear I had.


We do have a possible lead that we gave to the cops during the walk through/beginning of the investigation. A man by the name of Travis Tipton scammed my wife out of $300 a few months ago claiming he would do some work around our house. In the process of pricing out things he said he would do, he noticed the fishing equipment and commented to my wife about how nice it was and how he fishes as well. We soon realized after researching him on Facebook that he was not a very good guy and has been in and out of prison for scamming people and burglary. Now, it isn’t much to go on, and with this situation, it could be anyone, but again just want people on this website to keep an eye and ear out if you come across anything that looks like what I have listed.


Your friend in fishing,

Bill Capobianco

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Also, If anyone is on other fishing websites, maybe help post it or forward to any and all fishing type websites to see what comes up?


My number is 727 457 2059


if anyone has any information

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