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When Not Fishing Or Hunting

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:(    We in the Sunshine State love our warm, sunny, days. Much to our dismay the fronts of November all too often keep us from enjoying our great outdoors. After all, even in Florida, it often reaches  ridiculously low temperatures below 70. 

The question often arises...What can Floridians do 'when not fishing or hunting'?
Well, there is something we love to do almost as much as we love being on the water, or in the field...EAT! And we are very good at it. Even during the 'freezes' of November, we love to cook on the grill. In the Tampa area that often means a trip to Cacciatore Brothers Italian Supermarket:
Cacciatore has skinless, boneless, chicken breast on sale for $1.49 a pound. Perfect on our Weber grill:
Now, the really BIG question...while enjoying our seasoned to perfection, tender, flavorful, hot off the grill, chicken, do we watch Walker Texas Ranger:
Or Matt Dillon:
Personally I am still trying to decide if I am more like Walker or Dillon. Looks like a lot more study, and chicken, are needed. 
What can Floridian's do 'when not fishing or hunting'?  Never a problem!
 Bob Harbison  Florida Outdoor Writers Association

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