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Re-Visiting Two Guys And A Hog

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My late wife, Thelma, and I were avid hunters. We hunted together all over the country for our entire thirty nine wonderful years of married life. Such places as Maine, New Mexico, Alabama, and Georgia were great, but we always came back to Florida hog hunting. We were married December 24, 1971. Thelma is now doing her hunting in heaven. I feel like she is watching over me every moment of every day. Thelma loved Perry, Florida. Please join with me, us, in dedicating, 'Re-visiting Two Guys And A Hog' in her memory. Two Guys is located just South of Perry, no place could be more appropriate.

Last December:



Let's do it again:




I keep 'Revisiting Two Guys And A Hog' because Owner, Ralph, and long time guide, Francisco, are simply the 'best' of the best! Francisco has been my guide for years. There simply is none better:


'Feed them and they will come' Man! Does Francisco ever feed them. This guide of all guides wants to make sure we have every opportunity:







Smaller pigs can be relatively easy to harvest, trophy boars are a completely different ball game. I wanted badly to make Thelma proud of her husband, but how? The BIG boys are playing hard to get Finally! A shot, but it's almost dark. Too dark for a head shot, let's try a heart/lung shot. BAM! The unbelievable energy of that mighty 405 gain 45-70 Ultramax is turned loose.


Much to my amazement, the 200+ pound trophy boar 'stampedes' for the nearest swamp. A Miss! How could this be? That Nikon scope is one of the best. It was so dark I could not see those back legs kick, a sure sigh of a heavy hit.


Francisco to the rescue. ''You did not miss! That hog was hit hard in the heart/lung area.'' Talk about hard to put down & keep down! We are talking the mighty 45-70   14_zpsznifghoy.jpg



Thank you Francisco! You just made Thelma proud of her husband. Honey, this one is or you. Let's go home!


Thelma's passion was hog hunting, but she also loved to fish. What better way to express our ever-lasting love than hog hunting and...





Check out the short video of our adventures:



Best to one and all. Have a wonderful Holiday season and an even better 2018.

 Bob Harbison   Florida Outdoor Writers Association


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