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Living The American Dream

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America proudly wears the term 'melting pot!'  [/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/1d_zps66xlwlxx.jpg.html'>1d_zps66xlwlxx.jpg
A 'melting pot' built on LEGAL immigration. Immigrants from many different countries, races, and religion hoping to find new opportunities, and, most of all, a better way of life in America, America...the land of the FREE, the land of the American Dream:
The population of the United States is exploding:
[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/1c_zpsptmb9f6l.png.html'>1c_zpsptmb9f6l.png
Exploding with those seeking:
 One word that would best describe the 'American Dream' is something that America cherishes more than life itself...Freedom!
[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/1_zps4cw5isdw.jpg.html'>1_zps4cw5isdw.jpg
But freedom is not free. December 7, 1941, Japan attacks America:
December 8, 1941, The United States declares war on Japan, Japan, a country that had never lost a war. December 8, 1941, the year Bob was born.
December 11, 1941, Germany declares war on the United States. Hitler declares the 'Third Reich' will last a thousand years:
[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/3_zpss6ln97vw.jpg.html'>3_zpss6ln97vw.jpg
May 8, 1945, Germany surrenders.
During the final stages of World War ll, the United States detonated two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima, 8/6/45, and Nagasaki, 8/9/45.
The bombs were dropped after obtaining the consent of the United Kingdom, as required by the Quebec Agreement. The two bombs killed over 129,000 people.
9/2/1945: Japan signs unconditional surrender on the deck of the 40,823 ton displacement USS Missouri, the Mighty Mo!
[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/5_zpsbl5m7ypp.jpg.html'>5_zpsbl5m7ypp.jpg
The 'one thing America cherishes more than life itself...Freedom,' is not free.
[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/7_zpsmcrmxh7b.jpg.html'>7_zpsmcrmxh7b.jpg
America has paid, is paying, and will always pay, the price for Freedom!  We will always be...
For many sportsmen/women our 'American Dream' is centered around fishing and hunting. In the land of the Free there is outstanding fishing from coast to coast:
[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/22_zpsum2uagsq.png.html'>22_zpsum2uagsq.png
And from the far North:

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To the far South:

[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/24_zpsq9vwthdu.jpg.html'>24_zpsq9vwthdu.jpg


[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/11_zpsoxlacdrn.jpg.html'>11_zpsoxlacdrn.jpg

In the land of the Free there is outstanding hunting from coast to coast:

As a life long Florida native fisherman and hunter,  nothing expresses the 'American Dream' better than being on the water or on the field. I harvested the elk in New Mexico, and the deer in the snows of Maine:


The turkey in Tennessee:

[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/13_zps6myfbljw.jpg.html'>13_zps6myfbljw.jpg

This big boy in Georgia:


And the hogs, many hogs, in Florida. My 60+ years of hunting is well represented in my den:

[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/15_zpsmp9mlesk.jpg.html'>15_zpsmp9mlesk.jpg

I am very proud to have lived my entire life in Central Florida. I planted these now mighty oaks from the smallest of acorns. Watching them grow is simply amazing. And that's just the beginning. Looks like my banana trees are coming alive with Spring in Florida, yes Spring. We are looking at blue skies and 80 degree weather. Talk about Paradise on earth!


[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/17_zps7v4fuqzu.jpg.html'>17_zps7v4fuqzu.jpg

The tiny pines I planted decades ago are now reaching to the sky:


I often spend hours watching the wild chickens and squirrels enjoying dinner:

[/url" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/Living%20the%20American%20Dream/19_zpshbwxgxfa.jpg.html'>19_zpshbwxgxfa.jpg


America proudly wears the term 'melting pot!' The legal influences of many different cultures, different ways of life, has greatly contributed to 'Living the American Dream!'

Bob Harbison  Florida Outdoor Writers Association

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