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Crystal River Florida Fishing

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In the past week our trout bite has been solid on the shallow flats in 2-3' of water. Popping cork and a shrimp or soft plastics on 1/8oz jigs it's varied day to day on which one they prefer. Mostly slot fish. Starting to get some sheepshead on the nearshore rocks. Wednesday we had to get wrecked by grouper and catch 100 grunts to weed out 6 keeper sized sheep. It wasn't easy.

Hopefully sneaking out a few days this week to fish myself. 1805134199_cedarkeyfishingcharters243.jpg.11a5b4595111b26352cda796825c0ef1.jpg1531641010_cedarkeyfishingcharters244.thumb.jpg.e535cab8f89929e1e97c007e189a2c12.jpg49555814_2149985845063153_4036832597504950272_n.thumb.jpg.b483895dd15dfe8ca549e6e8c8986566.jpg1042787397_cedarkeyfishingcharters247.jpg.90114f19bdd441d9d9ec4560b5172550.jpg2044760834_cedarkeyfishingcharters246.jpg.50dc430432124445515701a283c03fd0.jpg49647100_2149985838396487_8178777604682153984_n.thumb.jpg.bb4ffbab8e915bbcb3531e3514eca6a1.jpg1474222754_cedarkeyfishingcharters242.jpg.f147cb280bae477aa50c8475ab8a4e66.jpg


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