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Non-Profit Survey for High School Engineering Project

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Hello fishing community,  

I am a senior high schooler currently enrolled in an Engineering Design and Development course. The main objective and purpose of the course is a design challenge, where we are to attempt to identify, design, and construct a solution of a problem we both deem and can prove as significant. Me and my group (consisting of 2 others) have chosen the problem of fish mortality due to hook damage, caused by various factors including hook type, size, and location. Our project is to design and construct a form of hook that can address all of these factors as effectively as possible within our realm of feasibility. However, we must first provide solid evidence and support that justifies the existence of this problem before we may begin any design or production of the prototype. This is where we need your help. 


The following is a fishing-related survey we created whose results will prove useful in achieving this goal. The survey is entirely anonymous and is in no way related to any profit, charge, etc. We simply need as large of a survey pool as we can acquire to justify this issue beyond reasonable doubt. We ask that you answer honestly and truthfully, and we ask, of course, that any moderators express any issues with this post and/or communicate to me any further steps they would like me to take. Thank you all for your honesty and responses. We hope this will lead to a successful and productive project.



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