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setting the drag on one of my rods

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I'm working on getting the drag set on both of my rods.  The first went smoothly---set to between 4 and 5 lbs for 20 lb mono.  The second is confusing me to death (not that difficult to imagine---as I mention in my profile, I was doing all cast net fishing until cancer #1 ended that).  I loosen the drag setting a LOT, and with a fish scale, pull until line is released (as instructed by either a web page or YouTube video).  It releases at around 5 lbs, but if I try to re-verify that, I find that it's locked up tight.  The first time, I snapped the line, so I only try until the scale hits about 8 lbs and then abort.

So my questions are:

1) Am I doing something wrong that's causing the reel (spinning reel, I believe it's called) to lock up?

2) Is that normal for some reels?

3) If no answer for #1 and #2 is a No, how do I fix that?

This rod is limited to sitting in a storage room in my duplex until I can get the drag set correctly ... I've already lost two of four 3 oz pyramid weights and one rig that got stuck in rocks, and am not inclined to fish with a bad drag setting and let anything snap my line (again, 20 lb mono).  I can't afford to lose anymore....  One more loss of anything and I'm out until after 3May when I get my next disability deposit, but I need fish now to provide meals for roughly the second half of the disability pay month that I can't afford to buy with what I don't have covered for this month (now at about $23 for around 20Apr--3May).

The reel (and other gear), which I bought at Bass Pro a few years ago when I really didn't have a clue about fishing with anything but my handmade braille cast nets (13.5ft stretched 18.5 lb bridge net and 10.5 ft stretched 12 lb dock net ... cancer #1 took my ability to make and use those away from me) for saltwater (inshore) fishing, is a Shakespeare (50?).  It's on a Shakespeare Ugly Stick 1101 7.0" Medium Heavy Action rod.  Their saltwater fishing expert at the time told me that this rod,  as well as the bigger one I also got, would handle anything I might catch in the NW Fl (Fort Walton Beach area) Gulf coast inshore waters (meaning anything from spec to large (probably blacktip) sharks ... which I REALLY want to get.  :-)

So does anyone know how I can fix this one reel's drag setting?  Or do I need to take it to Bass Pro and let them look at it?


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If you are still watching we will start to address your question(s). They are worth spending time on but I wanted to make sure answering it would mean something. We have had issues with the forums and we are just getting back to answering live questions. Sorry you got lost in the abyss :)


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