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lure variety makes fishing so much more interesting

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Mini stick and claw added to a grub body:





Crappie Magnet Grub


Joker Grub with on of the three tails removed.


Slider Worm and hand poured swimbait


Beetle Spin (homemade) with hand crafted lures



Why do they work? because action speaks louder than words.


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I am mostly I hardcore night lures fan. I have a somewhat alright collection of glow in the dark fishing lures. I enjoy fishing at night way more. Other than that it's because I can fish during the day because of my job, I just love fishing too much. Other veterans of successful night fishing suggest keeping two or three rods available with different bait or lure. This keeps movement and noise to a minimum. In more general terms, night fishing will usually be more rewarding if you focus on being quiet and on being very, very patient. This is essential, more so than with daylight fishing expeditions.

As I said earlier I used glow in the dark fishing lures, at first I did some reading on places like http://huntingfishingplus.com/best-glow-in-the-dark-fishing-lures and got to know more about what I am doing. My experience with glow lures has been with salmon. Early in the morning, toward evening, or deep at any time have been when I could tell a difference. Just before sundown or right after and I must have a fish, the glows go in. I’ve had them hit before getting the line snugged down on the down-rigger release. It really is an experience I would like everyone to try.

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I remember fishing with the late Capmel Berman. He was a trip. He had twelve tackle boxes and would pick one for the day. He had every lure known to man and quite a few that weren't. He changed them every two or three casts. We were big bait people, and rarely, if ever, didn't have blackened wells filled with tasty whitebait. Even when we had the fish banking their heads against the boat he would keep changing lures and once in a while hooking a suicidal fish. Meantime we might have released 30 or 40 fish. Or three.

Every once in a while he would break down and use live bait. To catch fish for the table. But man, did he love plastic lures. One of the things I really loved about him was how much we laughed at his use of lures; his overwhelming and addictive and usually unproductive use of lures.

This isn't meant to trash you lure lovers. I get it. I flyfished as a kid and tied my own lures from feather and string. But whitebait or live healthy shrimpies are hard to beat if you actually wanna catch fish :)  And as an old man letting a Pilchard do all the work for me doesn't suck.


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