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Good time to reflect on dove hunting

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Good time to reflect on dove hunting.
July 12, 2019, American Red Snapper season ends for recreational fishermen. The entire season has been hampered by terrible weather.
The end of ARS season, Madeira Beach, Florida:
Good time to reflect on dove hunting
Some of my fondest memories  center around dove  hunting. 
Many years ago dove flocks were huge:
For many dove hunting was a social event beginning with a huge cook-out:
The food, as well as the hunt, were enjoyed by both young and old alike:
Women were always welcome:
That created a huge problem... Was really embarrassing when the girls out-shot us:
After the hunt another hard to beat feast.
Hickory Smoked Bacon and...
Also did a lot of snipe hunting:
Still don't know which is harder to hit... Dove or snipe.
What do you think?
For many of us it's always a 'Good time to reflect on dove/snipe hunting.'
Any fond memories of dove/snipe hunting?  Please share!
Bob Harbison
Florida Outdoor Writers Association


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