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Pulling That Trigger

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Pulling That Trigger
To many there is a lot more to hunting than 'pulling that trigger.'
To many hunting is a time for socializing, a time for families, friends, and new friends to enjoy each others company in the great outdoors.
Time, skill-level, economics and amount of effort needed to succeed all play a part in deciding  where, when, and how we want to hunt.
One of the most economical ways of hunting centers around Florida's wildlife management areas (WMA). At nearly 6 million acres the Sunshine State has one of the largest (WMA) systems in the country.
Another very popular option is high fence. When hunting with reputable outfitters high fence hunting can be as easy, or as difficult, as we would like it to be. As with hunting in the wild, the bigger the hog, the bigger the challenge. I know; I hunted 'in the wild' for over 60 years.
Hogs are hogs! The smaller meat hogs can often be relatively easy to harvest. The BIG boys are a complete different ball game. Many 'high fence' hogs have been trapped in the swamps of Florida. They are smart and have a nose that defies the imagination. Their defense-mechanisms are awesome, but they have one major flaw in their armament... Their stomach; they love to eat.  Feed them and they will come... We hope!
High fence, as with anything else, is only as good as the people who run it. Let's take a close-up look at three of Florida's best.
First up... Tiger Island:
The entire Tiger Island area is a step into a time long forgotten. First stop, Otter Creek. The Otter Creek population, like most of Florida, is exploding. The 2000 census list 121 residents. By 2016 that number had 'exploded' to 135.
Otter Creek has its own Post Office, as well as a family owned & operated DELI different from anything seen in the big city. Where else can you still purchase real smoked mullet fresh from the skippers who caught the fish? How about a conch dinner, or a pound of Florida alligator meat? You can at Hershel's:
Otter Creek homes are a 'little' different:
Like to bond in the woods with your daughter?
No better place than Tiger Island Outfitters:
My Daughter, Dee:
That really BIG boy knew every trick in the book.
So did I:
North of Otter Creek we find Two Guys And A Hog.
Two Guys And A Hog, another one of Florida's best:
Our guide, Francisco, let's the corn fly. Probably a good idea not to try this in any of Florida's WMA's.
Remember when we said:
"Their defense-mechanisms are awesome, but they have one major flaw in their armament... Their stomach; they love to eat"
'they love to eat', and I love to pull that trigger:
Next up, Bear Bridge Ranch. This place is huge, over 100 acres under fence with plenty of places to hide. If not for the corn you could easily hunt the entire day and see nothing:
'To many hunting is a time for socializing'
Talk about 'socializing?' How about after a long day in the field enjoying a relaxing evening by a real fire-place with good friends?
Tony, a retired Tampa police officer, and I have been hunting together for decades. When Tampa officers shoot 'MASTER' they are rewarded with a day off with pay. Tony was rewarded many times.
In the woods his weapon of choice:
TAC Ultra: Rock Island Armory's 10mm 1911 Pistol with open sights:
For longer shots that BAR 300 mag plays no games:
To many there is a lot more to hunting than 'pulling that trigger.'


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