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A birthday hog hunt to remember

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A birthday hog hunt to remember
To many hog hunting is much more than a pass-time; it's a way of life. Serious hog hunting require skill, hard work, a great deal of time, and, most of all hogs. 
Hunting on a limited budget? No problem! With nearly 6 million acres Florida has one of the largest wildlife management area (WMA) systems in the country. Problem is pressure tends to be heavy, and restrictions are many.
After hunting Aucilla WMA for ten years I wanted more.
My first hunting club was Crystal River's Southwood. Southwood was 6,000 acres and cross-fenced. It was there that I first used electric corn feeders. Many game trails followed fence lines; that where I placed my feeders. The hunting was fantastic.
After two years it was off to much larger Buck & Boar Hunting Club. B&B covered 16,000 acres in the middle of a swamp. It was Hog Heaven. My wife and I were members for 20 years. Shortly after our twentieth year cancer claimed her. Part of me went with her. The thought of hunting alone was devastating.
After a few years I once again wanted to 'pull that trigger.'
But how! Age was catching up with me. I could no loner do it on my own.
At 19.06% Florida has the largest percent of senior citizens in the entire country; many still love to hunt. But how?
Perry Florida's Two Guys & A Hog Outfitter offers hunting for the young as well as the aging population.
Let's give it a try!
Both Aucilla WMA and Buck & Boar were just outside of Perry, Florida. Perry's 'old-Florida' atmosphere had fascinated us for years:
'Let's give it a try' was over five years ago. Have been hunting there ever since. The best part... We have all the fun; someone else does all the work:
Francisco, my guide for over 5 years, is simply the best of the best. No better place to celebrate...
No better way to celebrate than a picture of me and my trophy on the bulletin board:
Think it's going to be easy? Think again!
Those hogs are...
The BIG boys are staying in thick cover:
Finally the smaller meat hogs begin to appear:
The older, larger, hogs remain  on:
That fence-line stretches for hundreds of yards. Late in the evening the BIG boys are following the fence leading to the feeder:
Those two look good. Only a few minutes of day-light left:
With a mighty roar, and the kick of a mule, I unleash the awesome power of that 405 gr. GO BIG:
My birthday trophy takes off like a bullet. It was all but dark. My shot was a little off. Francisco tracks him down over 200 yards away.
Thank you sir:
Let being 78 and 1/2 crippled stop me, and hose like me, from hunting... NO WAY!
Two Guys & A Hog, let's do a Christmas hunt. 
Check out the birthday hog hunt video.


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