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In Honor of My Wife

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In Honor of My Wife
For the 39 years we were married my wife, Thelma, was my everything. She was not only my wife, but my hunting partner. Thelma was born in the back-country of Jellico, Tennessee. Hunting was second nature to her. When asked where she would like to go on our honeymoon, she said hog hunting. Now that's a real woman. 
Shortly after our last hunt cancer took her. 
Please join me in this very special tribute...
 In Honor of My Wife. 
This 'real woman' was a hog hunter extraordinary, the best of the best:
At 78, and without my partner, I can no longer charge through swamps in hot pursuit of the biggest, wildest, meanest wild boar hogs. But I still love to
pull-that-trigger. Enter Perry Florida's Two Guys and a Hog Outfitters...
As we enter camp the excitement level is off the chart:
Let's go!
Hey! These guys are good; they know I am here. I am beginning to believe they do not think too much of the idea of being shot. 
They are...
Slowly, step-by step, the smaller hogs approach. The BIG boys stay behind:
Finally it's...
Honey, I just cannot get that shot; wish you were here. 
Let's hit the Bunkhouse and try again in the morning:
That heater is really appreciated, it's getting cold, really cold.
It's so cold the hogs are in a panic to get to that corn. 
The small/medium sized hogs rush in; the BIG boys don't. Will I ever get that trophy to make Thelma proud of her husband? 
Finally!  But he is on 'high alert. 
Slowly, ever so slowly, I reach for my Marlin .45-70 stainless guide gun. With a mighty roar, and the kick of a mule, that 405 grain ULTRAMAX is on its way...
Honey, you can be proud of your husband, as proud as he is of you:
Guys, 70 years of charging through swamps, and balancing on boats has done a number on me. 
I am determined to keep going as long as I possibly can:
Honey, this is for you:
You are indeed, "a real woman"! Thank you for giving me the best 39 years of my life. 
'Are wild hogs safe to clean and eat'? 
Absolutely!  On page 46 of the January, 2020, issue of Woods'nWater Magazine I give my 'secrets' learned from 60+ years of hog hunting. No other magazine represents the real Florida like Perry, Florida's Woods'nWater. There is a reason why W'nW has lasted 42 years. It's the best of the best!
Being successful leads to a major dilemma. Is whole hog sausage, or smoked over hickory chips better? 
Looks like a great deal more study is needed. But that's not the only 'dilemma.' 
This is our Florida, our Paradise, our Fishing Capital of the World. Shall we go fishing or hunting? 
To help us decide let's check out the short, action packed, video:
In Honor of My Wife
For the 39 years we were married my wife, Thelma, was my everything.


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