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Native Floridian

Way Back When

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Way Back When
Everyone has a story, a very interesting story, to tell. 
Let's take a look at some of the things we can remember from...Way Back When:
I was born the day the United States declared war on Japan:
Let's start off with lead. Now we all know that if we even look at lead don't even bother stopping off at the hospital, go straight to the morgue. 
Well! One of the first things I remember is melting down lead toothpaste tubes to make sinkers:
After 78 years, I'm still here.
My first telephone...
If I called the next county over, that was long distance.
We had a 'party-line' we shared with 12 other users. Calling was, 'wait-your-turn'. 
Answering Machine:
The most popular answering machines recorded on small tapes that seldom lasted more than a few months:
We could not use an answering machine as it would somehow ring the 12 others on our line. 
Rust was a major problem. Remember Zebart?
"Ziebart’s rust protection defends your car from the rusting process that began the minute you drove your vehicle off the lot."
I graduated from the University of Tampa in 1967 with a major in Psychology. My last senior level course required a 100+ page thesis. We were required to teach a 4 hour class based on our thesis. 
Writing the thesis, teaching the class, was absolutely no problem. In fact, I enjoyed it.
However, typing that 100+ page thesis presented a major problem:
It had to be 100% perfect with no spelling, grammar, errors. 
There was no spell check. The word processors of the day were extremely expensive:
Finally, the computer age begins:
My first HP computer was 9 GB and cost over $1,000.
The monitor was huge:
Remember when you could sill buy RAW MILK?
Way Back When
Everyone has a story, a very interesting story, to tell. 
What's yours?

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