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Hubbard's Marina and the Coronavirus

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Hubbard's Marina and the Coronavirus
Fishing is extremely important for the Sportsmen/women who fish, or would like to fish, in the Fishing Capital of the World. In addition, fishing is critical to the economy of Florida. 
Per American Sportsfishing Association and Southwick Associates:
$$$ spent Saltwater recreational fishing per year
        $9.2 billion 
$$$ Saltwater & Freshwater recreational fishing combined:
        $11.5 billion
Florida jobs supported by fishing:
Saltwater:  88,501
Saltwater & Freshwater combined:
Hubbard's Marina has been taking anglers fishing ever since 1928:
No greater thrill than...
Today we are being forced to deal with Coronavirus.
Does this mean our beloved fishing must stop?
Per Captain Dylan Hubbard, fourth generation owner/operator of Hubbard's Marina:
Captain Dylan is keeping up posted as to what to expect:
3/21/20, directly from the desk of Captain Dylan Hubbard:
"At this time, we are currently open for business. However, this is an ever-changing landscape we are currently in and we are trying to remain fluid to any changing conditions or restrictions. However, for now we are operating with light loads (Less than half capacity) and doing the best we can to make it happen. We are outside in open air, the boats are cleaned daily from top to bottom with heavy bleach daily. We’re having plenty of fun in the sun out on the water. Our staff is not permitted to work if they are feeling at all under the weather and we are using heavy lysol and bleach wipes in our office and storage daily too. We are taking every precaution we possibly can. You are more than welcome to join us if you so choose. We are going to have some fun and enjoy the water and we hope you will too!"
Last weekend's 39 hour trip did just that:
On 3/20/20 the Florida Fisherman ll left on another 39 hour trip to the fabulous Florida Middle Grounds. 
Full report, with on-the-water video to follow. 
Captain Dylan continues:
"WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY PLANNING ANY CANCELLATIONS OR CLOSURES DUE TO CORONA, but the discussions are happening and if anything changes we will reach out to those who are currently booked on any affected trips and we will be making announcements via our social media pages & email newsletter.
Currently open: Shell key ferry & all fishing trips limited capacities + Kayak & Paddleboard rentals
Currently closed: Egmont key ferry, Beach cabanas, and 3hr shelling trip"
Guys and Girls, we are all in this together. Together we will conquer it!  


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