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Native Floridian

Making the best of a bad situation

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Making the best of a bad situation
As we all know all too well most of our country is on
'lock-down'. Can we still go fishing? Absolutely!
The spring Kingfish run is in full swing. 
John's Pass, Madeira Beach, Florida:
Captain Dylan Hubbard took that picture from the deck of the Florida Fisherman ll. Due to the coroana virus the Marina is now completely closed down. 
The success of the last 39 hour trip, Snapper City, is a distant memory:
 The will of the American people remains strong; we will survive. 
Our devotion to family, to our children, will give us the will to fight, to live.
One way of, 'Making the best of a bad situation' is to spend our time getting to really know our children. 
For Captain Dylan that means more time for young Jack Wilson Hubbard:
This is Danielle, my granddaughter, and Delilah, her pride & joy, my great granddaughter:
Delilah today & a very young Danielle of long ago:
Danielle and family are country people. They live 80 miles from Latexo, Texas:
Their past time... Fishing!
Come Easter, nothing better than hunting Easter eggs:
Momma...  Look!
To a parent nothing is more important than our children. 
Watching them grow in front of our eyes a thrill way beyond anything we could ever imagine:
Now that we are on lock-down-stay-at-home we have plenty of time on our hands; a perfect time to figure out who we really are. 
Now this is serious; need some help.
Am I more like The Lone Ranger, or Zorro?
Guess only time will tell. 
Hopefully, some day very soon, instead of the Ranger and Zorro, we will be sharing our adventures of filling the boxes:
And hunting the Florida wild boar:
The will of the American people remains strong; we will survive. 
Please join me in sharing your thoughts, your family.
Best to one and all
Bob Harbison
Florida Outdoor Writers Association
Captain Dylan Hubbard
City of Latexo, Texas

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