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Native Floridian

Long range fishing on the last quarter moon phase

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Long range fishing on the last quarter moon phase
Think long range serious fishing for serious fishermen/women is something new? 
Think again!
In 1956 Captain Wilson Hubbard began 18 hour trips for hard-core angler; anglers who like nothing better than to fill the boxes.
Even way back when fishing many miles off shore was very expensive. On head boats the tremendous expense is shared by many.
For deep-sea fishing Captain Wilson Hubbard, a true visionary, purchased the MISS BUCKEYE ll and changed
the name to MISS PASS-A-GRILL.
These 18 hour trips were so popular that Captain Wilson decided to fish even loner.
In 1971 he established overnight weekend Florida Middle Grounds and Vicinity trips.
The Captain's boat was the 90' all steel Florida Fisherman.
By that time I had been fishing my own boats for years.
The Middle Grounds was way beyond my reach, but I had to try it. When I first stepped foot on the deck of the Florida Fisherman, middle seventies, I knew this was something special; I was hooked! In my wildest dreams I never thought I would still be fishing the Grounds forty plus years later.
One good thing about fishing on these extended hours trips you make friends, really good friends.
Omar and I have been fishing on Hubbard's boats for decades. He is a good friend.
Omar began fishing 1/2 day trips on the MISS PASS-A-GRILLE ll.
Today, still with Hubbard's, he fishes the Florida Middle Grounds:
Yes! The Florida Middle Grounds is really that good.
Today, as yesterday, this Florida Treasure will put a huge smile on anyone's face.
Women are no exception. Girls are always welcome; welcome and treated with respect. In my over four decades of fishing on the Florida Fisherman l, and now ll, I have never seen a woman mistreated in any way. However, I must admit, it's embarrassing when they, as they often do, out-fish us.
As we all know our nation has been virtually shut down for weeks. May 5, 2020, the Florida was back on the water again; May 8, was trip number two. The fishing was, as usual, fantastic.
On Tuesday's trip we fished immediately before the last super full moon of the year, Friday immediately after.
Both trips ended up with a mountain of fish:
 Friday 05/15/20,  3:00 P.M., let's do it again.
The weather look Florida Picture Perfect:.
Let's troll for Kings on the way out:
We will be fishing the last quarter of the moon phase.
Come 6 A.M. Sunday morning will another 'mountain' of fish hit the dock?
Let's go see:
Late Friday evening. The Grounds are still a few hours off. Let's hit our bunks. After-all, we will be fishing until Saturday evening:
Let the fights begin!
As usual, it's next to impossible to get away from the 'endangered' American Red Snapper:
Payback time is near.
Per NOAA, The 2020 American Red Snapper season for those fishing on vessels with a federal for-hire reef fish permit is 62 days in federal Gulf of Mexico waters. the season will begin at 12:01 A.M. June 1, and close 12:01 A.M. August 2. 
Here is one we can keep, and it's a beauty:
Good job, Dan.
The record Yellowtail Snapper stands at 8 pounds 9 ounces caught off Ft. Myers. 
Talk about 'a beauty'!  Take a look at those mangrove Snapper:
Talk about good to eat!  
Vermilion Snapper like this will put a BIG smile on anyone's face:
Want more of a fight? Well! You asked for it:
Saturday morning:
The good-eats continue...
Are you still...
June 1, can't come soon enough:
Saturday evening:
Father/Son bonding... The perfect ending to a memorable trip. 
John is very proud of his very tasty Strawberry (Speckled Hind) grouper.
Talk about tasty; Chef, South Jersey Girl, Tammy puts her own special touch to everything she cooks.
And it shows:
What a woman!  Master chef, and a Master photographer:
Long range fishing on the last quarter moon phase
Tampa Bay Times


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