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Pan fish lures and lures in general

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Can't remember the last time I used bait (worm, minnows, etc.). There are more lure you can catch fish on than you can shake a fishing rod at!

Most important is finding fish and the two most important tools to do that are a fishfinder (if fishing from a boat) and lures cast to potential areas. Most small lures get struck by most fish species. They can be hard lures (small crankbaits, topwaters), spinner types and soft plastic lures rigged different ways. The overhead spinner (Beetle Spin type) below caught bass, sunfish and crappie yesterday.


A light ball head jig rigged with soft plastic is hard to beat:


A Crappie Magnet grub does well rigged on a 1/16 oz jig with #6 hook.

You can also use a tail section of a finesse lure to catch fish:


Small crankbaits trolled do well from late spring into fall:


...and don't forget catfish that strike hard and soft lures:


There are many lures and presentations that catch fish. It's just a matter of testing different ones to see what fish will bite on a particular day.



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