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A lure is a combination within a combination

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This is a continuation of the post about lure combinations within combinations.

Lures don't simulate anything that lives and breathes. JMO Here are some ideas why fish really strike lures and it has to do with a combination of factors.

1. Lure design

Lures move in certain ways as a result of design. Different tail designs determine how a lures move in the water. Here are a few different tail designs:

Curl tail (note clear plastic and a bit of glitter was used to pour this lure)


An overhead spinner causes a different action and vibration.

All of these have worked since their testing early this year:


Lure profile/shape, size matter.  After sensing a lure's vibration first,  fish then see how it looks against a background. The combination is what provokes a strike or not along with how a lure is worked.



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