The Federal Swamp vs the Rest of Us

Who controls us? Who tells you when to fish, or where, or what species to fish for? You think they're good for the fish?

Look. We have no idea who you are, where you iive, what freaken color you might be, what religion (if any) or what kind of fish you love to catch. We do know that you're a lot like us. You love being outside, you love to catch (and likely to eat) fish, and you are the last person to dump garbage in the water or fish so much you kill all the fish and have none left to fish for. You love your family, you love your friends, you probably love this place we live a lot too, and you hopefully like reading our stories and the stories we pick that we think will be of interest to you.

We're onto something here, and it has to do with who gets to fish for what fish and who is really in charge of the fish we catch. Fish are a public resource; we should be able to catch fish whenever and wherever we want. The talk that all the fish are dead and are gonna be totally overfished if us regular stupid people are allowed to fish for them in an uncontrolled manner is the basis of a three day red snapper season.

Flounder Eyes2

This is an article about flounder from the Maine Public website- to be specific about limiting the ability of recreational anglers to catch them. The NMFS - the National Marine FIshery Service (a branch of NOAA) wants to shorten the season. To save the flounder, supposedly. Just like they are saving the red snapper so prevalant on every reef deeper than 30' in the Gulf of Mexico.

The New Guy in Town

There is a guy in charge of the Commerce Department now named Wilbur Ross. It was Wilbur that forced NMFS to extend the red snapper season from three days to 41 - allowing recreational anglers across the Gulf to have a few more weekends to harvest this healthy resource. NMFS did NOT want that to happen, but Ross forced them to do it.

Now EDF and the Ocean Conservancy are suing NMFS to knock the red snapper season back down to 3 days. The state of Louisiana just joined into that fight to support the extension, but obviously the same group - NMFS - remains an enemy of the recreational angler.





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