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With the weather not necessarily cooperating lately in the Palm Beach/Jupiter area. I have found that I have seriously had to pick my days out on the water in order to locate fish.

Offshore Fishing; Palm Beach/Jupiter Area

Mutton snapper bite is still a great bet for putting fish in the boat. Recently we have also seen a large number of cobia being caught while bottom fishing. These fish are usually caught by sight casting, but have also shown a liking towards sardines. If cobia is what you are after, make sure you keep a spinner setup with a buck tail close at hand just in case you see one roaming on the surface.

Yellowtail have slacked off a little and are becoming harder to locate. On a recent trip with some friends, we were only able to put 3 to 4 fish (keepers) in the boat.

Sharks are still around and some enormous bull sharks have been caught. My Fiancée and I had some luck with 2 bull sharks. The first shark was about 80 pounds and the second one was well over 200. Both fish were caught in about 300 feet of water on barracuda strips. It may not sound too impressive, but try doing it on 20 pound tackle.......I rest my case.

Mahi-Mahi is the talk of every tackle shop and marine radio right now, but you will still have to do some traveling to guarantee a hook up. My Fiancée and I were trolling in about 180 feet of water when we got a call from a friend fishing the ledge. He told us to head out to his location and look for the weed lines.

dolphin fishing weedline

Upon our arrival we had no problem finding the weedlines and I can tell you I have never seen so much weed in my entire life. We immediately dropped baits in the water and began hooking up with some "peanut mahi-mahi" which we unhooked and returned to the water. I decided to drop a wahoo rig in with my dolphin spread and within an hour we hooked up with a pretty large wahoo. A half hour into the fight the fish threw the hook and we both watched as the fish swam off. We immediately set up again and were able to put two nice mahi-mahi in the boat.

dolphin in the boat

Kingfish are still around and can be caught off most wrecks and reefs. I still recommend using sardines with a "stinger" rig. If you want to try for a real "smoker", try baiting a hook with a live goggle eye.

Inshore Fishing; Palm Beach/Jupiter Area

Snook fishing is still going strong with some nice snook taken from the beach. A friend of mine was surfcasting off of Juno beach in the early mornings when he hooked into a 30+snook. He fought the fish for fifteen minutes until the fish finally took him into the pilings of the pier.

Tarpon are showing up in big numbers in the intercostals on the first few hours of outgoing tides. My suggestion is to anchor up in front of the Palm Beach Sailfish Club and put out some pinfish at different depths. You may also want to have some jumbo live shrimp if the pinfish don't produce.

Everyone get out there and have a great time on the water and be safe.

Remember keep what you plan on eating that night and release the rest for our future generations.

See you on the water

Gary E. Friedman
Field Reporter

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