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The weather has been very cruel to us over the past few weeks and not many boats have been able to even get through the inlet never mind going out into the ocean. But the sun gods are once again on our sides and the fishing is once again picking up.

Offshore Fishing Palm Beach-Jupiter

Mahi-Mahi: The Mahi bite is staying steady with a lot of fish being found in the 150- 300 ft range. Many captains are reporting better hook-ups trolling during morning hours then the afternoon.

Palm Beach Jupiter fishing report-mahi mahi

The preferred way of catching these fish is still trolling ballyhoo or artificial. I have had more success mixing up my spread with natural as well as artificial. During the mornings when the water is flat calm, you may want to incorporate teasers or use "birds" In front of your baits to add more action in the water. The fish are ranging from 6-12 pounders with a couple of big bulls mixed in.

Kingfish: The Kingfish bite is still going strong with some nice fish being caught around Lost Tree Hole and the ledge. The Kingfish have been hitting on frozen sardines, but take more of a liking to live goggle eye/pilchards/mullet or small blue runners. If you prefer trolling for kingfish and you have a downrigger or planer, then may I suggest the Williams "ribbonfish" lure. It has been responsible for some real big kingfish being landed.

Bonita: The Bonita are still around and have been seen in the early mornings breaking the surface while chasing bait fish. If your one of those crazy adventurists, who loves to put yourself through physical/mental torture. Then grab a fly rod and head out looking for these schools. The favored fly is a green or black back streamer. But let me worn you, when you hook-up with these fish, they will not be forgiving and will put you and your tackle through there paces. Make sure you double check all your knots and drag settings.

Black Fin: The Black fin are scattered all around right know and have been found in all different depths. The best suggestion for hooking up with these tasty fish is to troll some feathers and a chrome spoon to entice a bite. I have been doing well with purple and red feathers trolled 50-75 yards off the back of the boat. These fish are attracted to noise in the water, so it's also a good idea to incorporate teasers and "birds" into your arsenal.

Wahoo: The Wahoo bite is starting to pick up and some fish in the 10-30 pound range have already been caught. The fish have been hanging around the 300-400 ft depths with most fish being caught during the very early morning. The way I have been targeting these fish is with deep baits. Split tail mullet or Islander rigged ballyhoo are my preference mixed in with a pair of Australian runners. Keep an eye out for weed linesl to increase your chances of a hook-up; These fish like to stay close to them.

Mutton Snapper/Yellow tails: The bottom fishing is good, with a lot of small fish being caught. During a recent trip, my friends raised two cubera snappers that were just under legal length.

Palm Beach Jupiter fishing report-mutton-snapper Palm Beach Jupiter fishing report-wahoo

The fish are hanging around the 60-80ft wrecks and reefs, so make sure you have your numbers set before leaving the dock. The best bait for these fish is still a triple hook sardine rig, but lately I have been dropping down white buck tails with strips of squid and have had a lot of luck. Most of my hookups came when the jig was falling to the bottom. Make sure you work your buck tail with long and short jerking motions for best results.

Inshore Fishing Palm Beach-Jupiter

So for all those people who love fishing the surf, this is your chance. The other morning my fiancé and I decided to talk a walk along the beach in Juno, and watch the sun come up over the ocean. Upon our arrival, we found the parking lot at Juno pier filled with cars. When we finally got to the beach, we found ourselves surrounded with about 25 fishermen in the surf and probably twice as many on the pier. I walked over to one of the guys fishing and briefly talked to him about what was biting. He basically told me that he could explain it to us, but would rather show us. Over the next 45 minutes with an incredible sunrise in the background, we watched as schools of tarpon and snook moved up and down the beach. The preferred bait was mullet and pilchards, but one of the fishermen was having a lot of luck with his black and gold "xrap" and some fishermen were hooking up with poppers and chuggers.

This was the first time I had actually witnessed this many fish moving up and down the coast. The snook were holding tight to the pilings of the pier and found it somewhat comical watching some of these guys actually try to manhandle these fish out of the structure. The majority of the time the fish ended up winning, but I found a new respect for these pier fishermen.

The tarpon were seen rolling in about 20 feet of water off the beach and it is recommended that you wade out to waist high water to cast to these fish, so make sure your wearing clothes that you don't mind getting wet.

If you plan on giving this a try, remember to respect the fishermen around you and watch for bathers in the surf.

Everyone get out there and have a great time on the water and be safe.

Remember keep what you plan on eating that night and release the rest for our future generations.

See you on the water

Gary E. Friedman
Field Reporter

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