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With all the humidity we have been having, the rain doesn't seem to be letting up. But if you're willing to get a little wet, then breakout the rain suits and get out on the water for some great fishing.

Offshore Fishing Report for the Palm Beach-Jupiter area

Mahi-Mahi: The Mahi bite has really picked up lately; many captains are reporting that the bite has been steady with some really nice "Bulls" in the mix. The preferred method of catching these fish is still by trolling, but some catches have been while bottom fishing. The fish seem to be hanging around in 100-200 ft. of water.

Capt. Stan of the "Runabout" has been filling his boat with fish on his morning charters, and also reported a nice "Bull" tipping the scales at 31 pounds.

Kingfish: The Kingfish bite is still steady with a lot of fish being caught between Lost Tree Ledge and Juno pier. The fish seem to be hanging in 90-120 feet of water. Captains have reported that the fish are in the 8-12 pound range with some "smokers" in the mix.

Blackfin: The Black fins have decided to make the "Breakers reef" their new home. During an early morning trip, we rolled up on the reef to find schools of Black fin breaking the surface after bait fish. Most fish are in the 5-12 pound range. The recommended way to catch these fish is "chunking" or trolling. If you plan to troll, I suggest that you downsize your baits to match the bait fish that they are feeding on. Also, troll your baits 50-80 yards behind the boat; these fish are very skittish of boat engines and wakes.

Palm Beach-Jupiter fishing report-Blackfin

Wahoo: The Wahoo bite is getting better and better each week. The fish seem to be at a holding pattern of 200-300 feet of water. Deep trolling has been the preferred way to target these "speed racers" of the deep. Captains are suggesting that you start your trolling very early morning (when the sun breaks the horizon) run your boat in a "zigzag" pattern between 200-400 feet of water. When you get your first hookup, mark it on your depth sounder. This will allow you to track a pattern on how the fish are moving.

Mutton Snapper/Yellowtails/Grouper/Mangrove Snapper: The bottom fishing is still going strong with some monster fish finding the scales. Capt. John T, of the "heartless", weighed in two gag grouper of 9 and 11pounds. The wrecks have been very active and are keeping most captains very busy. The suggested set up for targeting grouper, is- my favorite- a 4oz buck tail with a tail section of sardine. If mutton's are what you're after, then I suggest the 3 hook sardine rig. Remember, use a good fluorocarbon and check it for "nicks" or "scrapes" each time you bring your line in.

Inshore Fishing Report for the Palm Beach-Jupiter area

Snook: The beaches are stacked with snook in the early morning surf. If you're willing to get up early in the day and wade a little in the surf, then there is a good chance you can land a monster snook. Juno pier has been seeing "enormous "snook patrolling the pilings each day in search of bait fish. Skid walkers and shallow plugs are the suggested lures for in the surf. Remember the snook are not in season, so get a quick picture and carefully release your fish.

Palm Beach-Jupiter fishing report-beach snook

Tarpon: The tarpon have moved to deeper canals and are really becoming more difficult to find and catch.

Black Drum: The Black drum are still around and have been seen on the flats behind Little Munyon Island.

Jeffrey M. a 17year old high school student from Jupiter landed a 22 pounder in the early evening behind Little Munyon Island and said that he saw one even bigger back there. The best bet for these fish is fresh shrimp or crabs.

Everyone get out there and have a great time on the water and be safe.

Remember keep what you plan on eating that night and release the rest for our future generations.

See you on the water

Gary E. Friedman
Field Reporter

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