Gigantic Barrel Jellyfish Swarm England Coast

Want to swim with these bad boys?

I've seen some pretty large jellyfish washed up on the Atlantic Ocean off Long Island. They are clear with no tentacles and are about five feet in cicumference. But they are small compared to the behemoths that are all over the coast of England right now.

In a very unusual display of nature, tens of thousands of Barrel Jellyfish were spotted swimming close to the coast in England. Record numbers of the 5-foot long monsters are in sight, and the unprecedented invasion of these barrel jellyfish may be due to over-fishing, which leaves fewer predators to eat them when they are young and smaller.

jellyfishConservationist Steve Trewhella spotted the swarm from his dive boat off the coast of Kimmeridge in Dorset and even swam with them. He took these beautiful underwater photos.

jellyfish 2Their sting is not considered dangerous to humans but is similar to that of a nettle and can cause a rash.

jellyfish 3

Sting or not, these jellyfish are a favorite food of leatherback turtles, whose dwindling numbers may account for these large pods of barrel jellyfish pushing inland.

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Jellyfish on England coast.

Photos by Steve Trewhella

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