A Floating Water Park

The idea of a floating tourist attraction in Virginia Beach sounds like a cool idea for our local waters.

This story about a floating waterpark came from The Daily Press in Hampton near Virginia Beach. Having visited the area a few times in our lives we can say it's a very unique - and very naval, marine, and salt-smelling community.

City officials want to acquire a floating water park — a sort of souped-up, inflatable version of an old-fashioned state park swimming float — for Buckroe Beach.

Hampton Beach Fishing Pier

The Buckroe Beach Fishing Pier will be the base of a proposed floating marine park. This has to sound like a cool idea to anybody living in coastal towns like we do. Talk about sustainable; if it gets punctured you just have to get a tire repair kit and it's back to work for the town.

It's a move City Manager Mary Bunting said should help Buckroe become a destination of choice for tourists and attract more Peninsula residents to what was once one of Virginia's most popular beaches.

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