All About the Math

From the size of your shoes to the size of your rod and the diameter of your tippets, it is all about the numbers.

Do you know the difference between tippet sizes? The diameter of the braid you're using? This great article from Dave Coulson at the Coloradian discusses the role of mathematics in a fly angler's life. It's a great read.

Math is core to my being, having made a living as a statistician for almost two decades now. Even though many profess to hate math, the reality is, math is core to our daily lives. Doubt that? Hum, just give it a bit of thought.


Chances are you’ve gone to a store of some sort today, and for sure at some point within the last week. While there, you likely made a purchase. The cost was a number.  And if you bought more than one item, the items’ costs had to be tallied (addition), tax added (multiplication and addition), then paid for (subtraction from your wallet). Like it or not, numbers, and the associated math, are an integral part of our daily lives. That’s also true with fishing.

The whole story is here.

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