Casting a Flavored Pellet

Fishing in Great Britain is a class act. This is a simple story about a big catfish, but the flavor rings Europe.

We noticed this story because it was about a guy who caught a catfish weighing in at 76lbs. What caught our eye once we started to read it though was the classic English language. It should like it could have been written here in the US about a hundred years ago; it's that tasty and original. We think you will love it as much as we did.

Carp were also showing in numbers at the Royal Berkshire Fishery last week and Maidenhead’s Dale Sharpe netted a fish of 18lb 8oz casting a flavoured pellet towards the island on Lake One.

Fishing in Great Britain

Dale also netted a couple of smaller fish and beat them all with a size 10 barbless hook to 8lb line.

The whole story can be found here at The Windsor and Eton Express. Great paper that does not focus on the bad stuff in the world without balancing it out with a cool story about life.

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