Cold Texas and DOA's Founder on the Water

A 17lb Speckled Trout we the result of these guys fishing together, and one of them brought us DOA shrimp among other lures.

We have had a lot of opportunities to meet Mark and fish with him a few times many years ago with Captain Mel Berman. He's still out there and fighting big fish and there isn't a time we hear his name that we do not take the opportunity to tell our readers. He's the inventor of the DOA shrimp and the entire line of DOA lures, and if you watched him work the classic lure you would know why he's caught fish like the 17 monster he caught with the guy - Ed Zyak - who he's fishing with in this great story from Caller Times in Texas.

Cold Water and Big Trout

Between charters, Zyak works with former Texan Mark Nichols, who founded DOA Lures about 30 years ago. Saltwater anglers are familiar with DOA's standard offerings, such as its imitation shrimp and a line of more traditional soft plastics.

DOA Terroreyes

This is a lure that can catch anything that swims - the DOA TerroEyes. Anything the guy has designed gets fish hungry, curious, or just pissed off. They catch fish. Despite the fact that everybody loves the shrimp so much (we do too), this one has produced more big snook than anything we've fished with short of live sardines.

Often, when Nichols and Zyak travel together on business, there will be fishing. This time, they invited several Florida folks to join them on a hunt for big trout. They left warm Atlantic waters famous for producing the world's largest speck on record.

The Fort Pierce trout from 1995 weighed 17 pounds, 7 ounces. The Texas record is about two pounds lighter. It was caught and released into the Lower Laguna Madre near South Padre.

The whole story is here on Caller - part of the USA Today network.

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