Crappie are Crappie are Crappie

Crappie are caught all over the country and if you never ate one, you gotta try one. Here are 4 Crappie Keys.

A while back a friend and I went crappie fishing in Big Oil Creek off the Ohio River near Derby, Indiana.  He caught 13 crappie, three of which were in the 12-inch range.  I caught 3, none of which were that big.  

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After thinking it over, I came up with four factors.  One, my buddy was experienced on the water we were fishing. He had been there numerous times and had caught lots of crappie, and he knew the spots. In these waters, if you’re inches away from the fish, you might as well be miles. That’s typical of persnickety crappie.

The story is not only well written, but the author definitely talks about four things that will make you a better crappie anglers. A lot of our readers are big shots who think that if you catch anything smaller than a 100 lb tarpon or 40" snook you ain't crap; but that ain't the reaility. The reality is that catching crappie consistently - like one of the two guys in this story does better then the author - you can do it here in Florida just like these two are doing it in Indiana.

The whole story came from The Dubois County Herald.

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