Crossbow hunting Debate in Wyoming

Hunting with a bow for fish or game falls into the same regulatory categories. What is it like in your state?

This article about bow hunting with a crossbow made us think about a lot of the very popular images we put here that show people using crossbows to hunt fish. Since hunting fish and hunting game is often enjoyed and practiced by the same - or at least like-minded folks - we thought this might inspire you to further investigate the concept of crossbow hunting.

From the Casper Star Tribune:

Hunters will continue to be able to use crossbows during Wyoming’s archery season, though the Wyoming Game and Fish Department plans to look for more feedback on the topic.

Barnett Crossbow 

A few members of our family have been avid crossbow hunters so we're no stranger to it. Even for target events they're incredbly fun to use - but to take down a pig with a bow you have a way better chance at success with the added power.

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