Drone Fishing

When does fishing become something digital?

Fishing with drones has become really popular. This article makes an excellent point about how drones have taken the challenge - and the magic - out of a sport we all grew up with. For many of us our early introductions to the sport had nothing to do with computers because they were not common. Neither were drones or smart phones or personal GPS systems.

Drone Bluegill

When does fishing become something downright silly? Maybe when a drone catches the fish for you?

From the story:

I won’t go so far as to say drones should be completely outlawed. But I am a situational libertarian: I’m against the government ever encroaching on my freedoms, but if they restrict yours in the interest of enhancing mine, we can work with that. So I will go so far as to say that drones should be completely outlawed from operating anywhere near me. Especially while I’m fishing.

Read the whole story here on The Standard.

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