Fishing "The Ditch"

Many of you have caught stripers, and if you haven't here's a way to find them, catch them, and win at it.

This report is not from our backyard - to the contrary - it is about a specific place far away. Called "The Ditch" by locals, this striped bass shoreline is ripe for locals and arguably an outstanding place to travel to experience a fish that captures the minds of more people then chase snook, we can assure you.

Striped Bass in Provincetown

In this article from The Berskshire Eagle talks tackle, tides, and a new book about chasing these challenging, hard-fighing, and tasty fish. Many of them - a bulk perhaps - are caught by surf fishing. And that's the subject of the article and the book it talks about:

Before fishing the Canal, or "the Ditch," one should know and understand the tides and migration patterns and how they affect the fishery. One should also know what type of fishing tackle and lures to use. According to Muller, your normal salt water rod, reel, line and lures probably won't hold these 30, 40 or 50 pound fish, which know how to use the strong currents and tides to their advantage. He also explains the various methods of fishing the Canal.

The article is here on The Berskshire Eagle.

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