Flyfishing on a Kayak

A lot of our readers are kayakers and a lot of them use flyrods. But it ain't easy. A story from down under talks reality.

We love fishing, and we run a (pretty damned popular) fishing web site, so it's only natural we are always looking at other fishing sites. Some of them are really cool, some of them not so interesting, and some of them absolutely beautiful. It's not easy to pull what are considered respectable numbers from readerships. So there are thousands - literally - of really neat sites with really great writers that you'll never see unless you're in the business of finding cool sites that tell great stories.

Flyfishing on a Kayak

This is an image that came down from Instagram and is not the author. We think that's a spot in Florida that we caught redfish on a week ago too, so we do not think it is Australia where this story came from. But it does show an angler handling his balance on a yak. Notice how his left foot is behind his right foot. That lets him shift the weight when he pushes the line.

This one is about fishing with a flyrod on a kayak. It's from Australia - where we find major content of incredible scope and creativity. This is just a killer story about the challenges of a long rod and a paddle craft. We can really relate, and we bet a lot of our readers will too.

From the story on Bush and Beach Fishing in Australia:

Since I learnt (I so wish I could use that spelling without getting beat up by spelling guardians) how to cast flies, the internet has become a thing and literally thousands of how-to videos are available to help you avoid the common errors in technique. Therefore, I will leave the basics out and concentrate on things that happen in the kayak.

To read the whole story, go here:

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