Kayak Fishing Under the Stars

A large majority of anglers never fish at night, while some only fish when the stars are out. Are you both or just one?

This story from TheStar from author David Boggs talks about fishing in the glow of the stars and the moon brightly shinging overhead. We have spent a lot of time night fishing for tarpon over our long lives, and seeing a tarpon lift their bodies out of the water and shake those cup-sized scales is truly amazing. Doing it from a kayak sort of crazy, actually.

Night Sky Kayak at Night

But fishing at night - just looking up on a clear night, for that matter - is special all in itself. From the author;

While paddling to your destination you can experience the stars overhead. When the moon is shining brightly, you will get an opportunity to observe sea life you may have never witnessed before. These could include sharks, stingray, squid and even river otters.

The story is a long one, and points out not only the joy but some of the hazards you'll face paddlign at night (like losing your bearings, for one). It's a great read if you paddle or are thinking about paddling for your sanity and to improve your fishing success.


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