Migrating Birds as Fish Finders

We live on the West Central Coast of Florida. Like any saltwater coastal environment, birds show us where fish are. They show us where the bait is, they show us where open water predators like makerel and bluefish are, and they can even show us when the fish are not likely to bite regardless of what we throw at them. Bird behavior matches fish behavior.

But that's saltwater we're talking about. When we're bass fishing - which represents way more than half of all the fishing that's done in the country - we do not think about diving birds showing us where bait (or fish) is acting crazy.

Hybrid Bass 2

This article from central Texas just changed our view of that. This is an article about fishing for Hybrid bass (half striped bass and half largemouth or close enough) and how migratory birds - not the "always here" pelicans we use as barometers of fish activity - but migratory birds.

Great article from KDHNews.com. Check it out and it will make you think about birds over lakes differently from now on.

The wet, cold, gray clouds that accompanied this week’s protracted cold snap had a silver lining.

That nasty weather pushed migrating shore birds south for the winter and brought some of them here to Central Texas, where they’ll stay for several months before departing, typically in March.

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