More than a few things to see - fishing the Gulf in Louisiana

The only thing we didn't do was crab. A day on the waters of Louisiana.

Titles are excellent, and the title of this original story is "More than just a few things to do; see Gulf Coast". Being long-living Gulf coasters, those of us responsible for the site feel very close to the waters, people, fish, activities, and communities around us. We are special (at least in our own small opinions).

Gaff t sail

Gaff Topsail catfish are thought by some to be trash fish, but they happen to taste great if you know how to clean them. They are catfish, after all. Here's a great video we posted a while back about how to clean the prepare them.

This story about fishing the Gulf - starting out the day in the water wading and moving on to a local pier - really tells the story. It's listed in our "How-To" section but if we had a "Why we do it" section it would surely have gone there.

From the Sports and Outdoors section of the American Press in Louisiana:

Wading out to about chest deep we began to cast. Hardheads hit first, but once we got the bait down we began to pick up some long-whiskered gafftop catfish (official name gafftopsail catfish).

The whole story is here.

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