On being an Award Winning angler

This conversation about becoming an award winning angler - if only in your mind - has a life lesson to teach about fish.

For a long time we've been driving, walking, flying, or otherwise arriving somewhere we wanted to fish. Early on in our life we were taught that fishing where the fish are, and fishing (if you can possibly) at the right time would make you part of the ten percent (not 1% yet) of the anglers that catch 90% of the fish. If you did not fish where the fish are you are not likely to catch them with any consistency.

Lake Erie Fishing

This image is from ShareTheOutdoors.com - a very beautiful site loaded with great imagery and cool content for all things outdoors - not only fishing. It's a great shooting and hunting resource too.

So when we read this article from Mike Bleech at GoErie.com it struck a real chord in us.

The real keys to catching Angler Award winning fish is, first, going where they are, the flip side of the old fisherman’s saying, “You can’t catch ’em where they ain’t.” Second is fishing at the right time.

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