Secret Cream and Secret Fishing Spots

Do you have a secret spot? How secret is it, really?

In the world of publishing, a magazine or book in progress has a way of taking over one's life. You go to bed at night thinking about the next day's story, or edits, or printing presses, or national sales. You think about upgrades to software, and you think about the stuff you're writing. In our case, it's fishing. Talking about fishing to someone either brings a blank look into their eyes as they fade away; or (in many cases here in Florida), gets them excited, and we start talking fishing together. This is one of those stories we can't prove, but it sounds so real that we had to bring it to you. The guy who told us this story is a long-time fisherman, and it is not a story about a big fish, or the one that got away. This is a story about secret cream...shaving cream, to be exact.

"I have a spot near the Howard Frankland Bridge where me and my dad were catching the heck out of big pompano. I went there one day and saw boats on the next two pilings to the right and the three pilings to the left. I decided not to stop at the piling I usually fish, so I didn't give it away. While I watched for ten minutes from a distance, I didn't see a single fish caught. It might have been because I didn't see them scraping off the barnacles on the sides of the concrete. It's a good idea to take a small scraper with you so you can chip a few inches off. You don't need to clean the piling (DO NOT!!!) but a little chum helps attract those pomps, for sure."

Secret Cream and Secret Fishing Spots

"Anyway, I came back a few days later, and sure enough, there were four boats there. Again, my piling -- for some lucky reason -- was untouched. I anchored off so I was alongside the piling, like a good pomp fisherman knows to be. But I had brought a can of shaving cream.

I scraped a few inches of barnacles, messed with my rigs and played around for about ten minutes, put a crab on (fiddler with the big claw pulled off) and dropped the bait. I took the can of shaving cream and sprayed a three-inch strip onto the surface of the water. The tide pulled it towards the Skyway Bridge, and the first pomp grabbed the first crab. I repeated the process, spraying shaving cream on the surface of the water as I dropped the crabs. Drop a crab, catch a pompano."

"We kept three for dinner, but released 20 while the guys on the other boats watched in awe. Like I've heard said here on TheOnlineFisherman.com, the trick to catching fish is to fish where the fish are. It's why 90% of the fish are caught by (so "they" say) 10% of the fishers on the water any given day.

The next time I went to the spot, two boats were tied/anchored at the piling I usually fish. I positioned our boat where they had been the last time. I didn't have any shaving cream. The two boats anchored at my piling hadn't forgotten theirs, though. I watched them go through two cans while I caught my limit at their piling, pulled up, and left. They didn't catch a fish while I was there. I think it was the shaving cream. What fish in their right minds would be attracted to an idiot putting shaving cream into the water?"


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