The sunny side of sunfish

As kids we grew up catching bluegill. In fact any fish - gaff topsail in saltwater, ladyfish, pinfish, bluegill in freshwater, anything filled our needs to feel the pull. But as we grew older bigger and more "exciting" fish took our time, and until the last five or six years we did not pay that much attention to bluegill. We are only remembering days sitting at the side of a pond with nothing on our mind but that little red and white bobber, the bread dough we were making from our sandwiches, the little worms in a cardboard box, and the delicious fish about to pull that bobber underwater.

Little Bluegill

So when we come across a story in our endless search that actually highlights the beauty of these little "panfish" it always catches our attention. Just like this one from The Morning Journal:

I think it is a safe bet that most of us began our fishing careers by catching a sunfish. These rather small fish are ideal for youngsters because there are so many different species of them and they are everywhere. They are also easy to catch since they seem to be perpetually hungry. Sunfish are not particular when it comes to tackle. You don’t need and expensive carbon rod to catch a stringer full of sunfish and that proverbial willow stick with a bent pin will actually work.

The Online Fisherman

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