The wind can be your friend

We talk about wind a lot - it is part and parcel of every angler's life. It can be a blessing or a curse, depending :)

We have talked a lot over the years about winds, most often in the wintertime because here on Florida's west central coast the winds in the wintertime can stop you dead in your tracks (or driveway, whichever the case is more likely to be). This year (and it's June) the wind has pretty much been blowing steady for six months, and has essentially shut down offshore fishing for many long-distance people.

Windy can be your friend

From SeacoastOnine.com:

The wind can be a friend or adversary to a bass angler.

If it is really blowing out there, it will be a long, long day. If it is a breeze, you could be catching big numbers of bass. For example, if the waves are churning up debris then flying down the lake in your bass boat can be a dangerous situation. However, if the water is gently breaking over the rip-rap, rocks or grass beds, that can be a sign of record numbers attacking your lures.

Fishing in the wind can be a terrible experience or it can be a fantastic day on the water.

The original story is here on SeacoastOnline.com - a wonderful coastal site with great content.

And here is a story we wrote a while back about getting out of winter winds here in our home waters - but it pretty much works inshore wherever you might be fishing.


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